Dont Skip The Oil!

Beauty Oils have been trending for a minute now and it amazes me how people are still iffy about adding it to their routine! Yo!!! They're not going to clog your pores, and YES! they're still for you even if you have oily skin! Well...let me retract that statement, you have to make sure proper oils are used and that the oil suits your skin. Quality Beauty Oils have great benefits honestly, at this point, I just cannot see my routine without one! And if you haven't already I need you to check these points and fall in line!

*Traps moisture and builds up a barrier on the skin's surface to protect skin from pollutants.

*Oils and Vitamins are natural. They're derived from plants and offer great varients for specific issues that deliver noticeable results. They're also some that are packed with collagen-boosting anti-oxidants! You know what that means anti-aging and MORE protection.

*Replenishes moisture to dry skin and helps clear acne by soothing, purifying pores to stop breakouts, and accelerating the healing process to any scaring.

Euphorix Glo has to be one of my favorite products I have developed thus far! If you have tried it, then you understand why It is the top selling product. I want to take some time this week and shine some light on the different ways I love to use this beautiful oil. There's nothing basic about it!

1. Beauty Oil~ Of course, this is no secret. I look at Euphorix Glo as "The Icing On The Cake" when it comes to your routine. Wouldn't you agree?

2. Oil Cleanser~ It can be a refresher and can remove anything, simply massage a few drops along with water into your skin. It can replace your cleanser in the AM or in addition to remove makeup and SPF in the PM.

3. Soothe Skin Conditions~ This Oil blend has some amazing properties, it's not just for deep moisture and protection, it has some healing properties that can give you noticeable results with consistent use.

4. Add to foundation~ If you're looking to switch up the finish and coverage of your favorite foundation? Add a few drops to your foundation and watch how beautiful your foundation will glide on.

5. Condition your Brows and Lashes~ All you need is a spoolie and a few drops of this beautiful oil and run it through your brows and lashes to give them good conditioning.

To sum it up, oil is not something you should limit or leave out of your routine. As someone who studies the skin and proper skincare one thing has been consistent across all skin types and skin conditions. Moisture is a must and besides the extra fixings the purpose of oils is to lock in moisture, and I believe if you need it to make sure what you're using has quality!

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