3 Things Your Skin Needs To Stay Youthful

Updated: Mar 15

Ok Yall, while doing my Skin Sessions I have noticed a trend. Many people believe that certain products and methods that are imperative for skin maintenance are perceived as optional steps. Yes, I do stress that skincare is not one size fits all but, some products and steps are needed to achieve and keep that natural healthy glow!

1. Moisture For Glowing Skin

If you follow me, you know I am always talking about hydrating skin but let’s talk about moisture for a second. It is something that all skin types and conditions need, to be honest, along with sunscreen protecting your skin requires proper moisturization to seal in hydration and strengthen the skin's barrier. When your skin barrier is weakened you become subject to infection, frequent breakouts, and skin damage that can lead to premature aging. So again, like I always say, we try to stay forever young ssssooo...Do not skip your moisturizer!

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2. Antioxidants To Keep Young

Kind of like moisturizers, antioxidants protect our skin but on another level. Antioxidants protect our skin from environmental aggressors like UV rays and pollution, keeping our skin cells healthy by preventing oxidation. Protecting and repairing the skin tissue, which will help reduce wrinkles and the production of pigmentation. In other words, they can help with hyperpigmentation, and again, premature aging keeps us FOREVER YOUNG

3. Exfoliation To Regenerate

I don't care if you have oily skin...Exfoliation is not optional! It's pretty much one of the foundational keys for better skin. As we get older our skin cell regeneration slows down, meaning our dead skin is shedding at a slower rate. Causing built-up oil and excess dead skin cells, leaving your skin looking dull, making it a lot easier for us to experience breakouts and harder for our skin to obtain the proper moisture. I always suggest using chemical exfoliants to break down dead skin or a face polish to gently remove dead skin. Stay away from harsh exfoliators such as sugar and salt-based, using these exfoliators for your face will age and damage your skin.

If you are someone who is looking where to start or not consistent with a routine, no matter your skin's needs these are a few of the non-negotiables to give your skin maintenance.

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